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Aug, 2015

What Every Marketing Professional Should Know

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Okay, I’ll admit it, I am biased but there are certain things a marketing pro should know. This is not a case of “I know these things and you don’t.” It’s just a matter of “Know your sh*t.” In the last 10 years or so, I have noticed MPan alarming trend. So called experts really aren’t. Sure, they talk a good game but when the chips are down and a marketing project needs to be executed, their first inclination is to call out for help.

“You need a print ad to increase your company’s visibility and improve brand awareness? Hold on while a consult with my graphic designer and my copywriter and we will get right on that.” The only people your marketing pro should be consulting with are you and your team. He should know every aspect of the marketing field and be able to answer you without batting an eye. He should also be able to do it all himself. I know some of you are thinking “Wait a minute, there are specialized areas within marketing where it helps to have an expert in that field.” I agree. There are specialists, but your marketing pro should be able to step into any one of those roles and not skip a beat. That is why he is the PRO. It is also why you can trust him to get the job done right no matter the challenge. 

There is nothing more frustrating to me than asking a marketing pro to produce a simple concept or draft of an idea only to have them stare blankly into space because they don’t have their designer to build the idea for them. And since we’re on the subject, sampling a piece of existing music is NOT the same as writing the music yourself.

I am starting to get a little upset so look at this infographic while I collect myself. 

I will leave you with this one last thought. If your marketing pro cannot provide the expertise without hand holding, you are not getting what you paid for. 

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