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Video & Film

Everything we do results from a spirit of collaboration with fellow creatives and clients.
We shift from artists to advocates and allow the process to merge, form and function.

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Everyone has a story and it’s all in how you frame it

Telling your story completely with color, sound and music.

Not your average agency video production group, oobe offers its clients a boutique design experience, where they can explore ideas in a collaborative, creative and fun environment and ultimately bring them to life through 2D/3D motion design and digital filmmaking.


Having this unique, talented and creative team allows oobe to not only save time and valuable client dollars, but to also create new experiences within emerging technologies such as digital-out-of-home and augmented reality. It gives us a huge advantage within our creative department that allows us to deliver valuable content to our clients and their consumers.


The possibilities are endless, whether it’s a simple but beautiful brand documentary, web video, commercial or even a fun, animated video we like to call framations, the end product is always the same: brilliant.



  • Commercials / digital film production
  • Interactive production
  • Social media and web video
  • Motion graphics
  • Audio sound design & music
  • 2D / 3D illustration and animation
  • Editorial content
  • Brand short films

Our Work

Take a look at some of our past projects

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  • elms
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  • AGS

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Happy Clients

I had a small team of marketers I used for all of my company marketing initiatives, a web guy, a graphic guy, a content person, etc. They were all over the place and my marketing didn't have a clear voice. oobe came in and honed my message. They made it impactful, consistent, and with one voice. I now feel like I have a cohesive team I can count on day in and day out.

Wendy McDade,